Dr. Patricia Kent

Suite 10
311 Glen Osmond Road
Glenunga, SA 5064
(08) 8338 7888

Psychological treatment is helpful when people feel anxious or depressed. Services provided by Dr. Patricia Kent include clinical psychology, clinical hypnosis, and cognitive assessment or neuropsychology. Pat works with adolescents, adults, and older adults.

Clinical hypnosis is an adjunct to other forms of therapy, such as cognitive-behaviour therapy. With the addition of hypnosis, positive results can be achieved more quickly.

Cognitive assessment or neuropsychology is the study of brain-behaviour relationships. Assessment of memory and other cognitive skills will enable Pat to determine which parts of your brain are functioning well and which parts of your brain may not be functioning well.

During your initial appointment a thorough assessment will be undertaken to identify issues and concerns. Pat will work in conjunction with you to devise helpful strategies to deal with and manage any identified concerns. During the process of treatment or therapy, you will learn how to apply the strategies and skills learned in order to increase self-esteem and confidence.